About me

A Chef de Cuisine from the heart, i was born in 1975 in Helsinki. After 15 years of working in the restaurant business, I opened a new restaurant in Eira, Helsinki on the 15th of October 2010.

It is called Chef & Sommelier. We focus on organic and wild produce, but we also use natural ingredients and fairtrade ingredients.

This restaurant has brought two things to the Helsinki restaurant scene: First of all, supply to the organic dining demand and secondly one can enjoy handmade cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Much to our amazement, Chef & Sommelier was awarded one michelin star in 2014.

I made my first restaurant concept, restaurant Mange sud, that opened in August 2008 in Eira, Helsinki. The restaurant got a recommendation from Michelin during it's first year open.

I came up with the restaurant concept, took care of the cuisine and managed it during it's first year. In the middle of that and this I was working as Executive Chef in Loft Restaurant & Lounge in Helsinki.

On the side I am doing catering according to my customers' needs, but also I am consuting, presenting and writing, since I am a private entreprenuer as well.

My cuisine is ambitious, pure in taste, all handmade and original- made from my point of view and coming from my heart since I am mostly a self taught chef. Finesse-dining is what I want to have customers experience: personal, open and stylish cuisine, ambience and service every day, every time. The term is my own to use and to follow.

I am a multi-skilled chef, as a excellent reference I hold my three successful years of running and working alone in the kitchen of the Michelin recommended restaurant La Petite Maison in Helsinki with 20 seats and the concept being French fine dining.

My work history from the last 17 years includes a variety of work experiences from Finland and outside Finland as well, jobs, work practice and competing in culinary competitions. Food has been an interest to me for quite the while now and thus I've been spending quite much time with it and around it.

I also hold cooking courses, make dinners for customers in their own home and have been consulting others in the business.


After my matriculation exams I was in and out of Restaurant School Perho three times all together from 1996 to 1998, the year 2000 and from 2002 to 2004, after which I was a cook, a head waiter and a executive chef all in one package.

Working I started by packing airplane charter meals at Finncatering in 1992, and as a by-product of this I got a lot of points by which I got in to the local restaurant school in the first place.

Restaurant work I started in Cafe Tin Tin Tango as a waiter and salad chef and continued to Restaurant Helmi, where i went from trainee to assistant manager in two years time. My work in the kitchen started in 1998 in Tapiola, restaurant Tempo from where I got a chance to become the chef behind the product of Restaurant Mother in 1999. The trendy restaurant Soup took me into it's team during the same year and we worked hard until the end of the year 2000.

Palace Grill was my next venture, from where I flew to work in BC, Canada for six months in a tiny scandinavian restaurant called House Piccolo. When coming back to Finland i was cooking in restaurant Lasipalatsi for some time and applied to become a cold kitchen sous chef in Töölönranta, to which I was selected. Pekka Terävä called me to try out a chance in his fine dining-team at Palacenranta, after which i was on my way to Teatteri, where I rose from cook to sous chef and took my head chef's training in as well within 2,5 years of time.

La Petite Maison offered me a head chef's job in 2005. There I've been working my way up for the last 3 years, getting a Michelin recommendation in 2007 and got selected into the top 7 kitchens in Finland, and now the chance of making my own restaurant came along.

As a employee I have always been the positively 'restless' type, who has wanted to see as much as possible and try all kinds of work to see what is mine to keep and what is not. So, thus I have been actively working catering for many companies, been runnning cooking courses and have been consulting both kitchens and products to people and companies. In the fall of 2007 I was asked to cook for a week at Chateau Carsin's wine estate in Bordeaux making quality dinners during harvesting time.

During the last years I have been spending one week of my summer vacation practicing and learning more in Michelin starred kitchens in Stockholm, in for example Lux Stockholm and F12. Competitions were a big influence and interest to me, I started taking part in them in 2000, continued in 2001, -03, -04 and -05, and after two stand by's, two semifinals and one final I can say that it has been more than just a hobby to me.